The purpose of this on-line tool is to provide you with control over your personal data within mediasmart's "Bsmart" demand side advertising platform.

You may use this tool to opt-out of Mediasmart's collection and usage of data for interest-based advertising on mobile devices.

This tool uses your mobile device universally unique identifier (UUID) in order to provide you with these abilities. The form below allows for UUID such as Apple IDFA or Google Advertising Identifier. You may also leave empty the fields below when you are connected via WiFi in order to query about your current ip address.

Please use this link if you need help to find out your mobile device universally unique identifier (UUID).


Please note that if you enter the UUID on your mobile device and click on Opt-Out, such UUID will NOT be served advertising based on interests any more. You will continue to see advertising, but it may be less relevant.

If you are visiting this site using a WiFi connection, leave the form field empty and click on Opt-out, we will read the IP address from which you are sending the request. That is the IP address that will be added to our Opt-out list. Please take into account that if you are sharing your WiFi with other people (for example, your co-workers at an office) this will affect all of the users using that IP address as well.

We will not process any IP addresses that come from cellular connections, as these are always shared by a lot of users, therefore, if you are accessing from your phone or tablet via a 3G or 4G connection, please provide your user identifier.

The form below ONLY checks your data within our platform: